How to Survive Recess

I found a crumpled up piece of paper with handwriting that matches my daughter’s writing when she was 9. Her friends were excluding and teasing her at that time. She wrote up (and must have kept in her pocket) a list of “Tips to have fun at recess”

1. Don’t hang out with people who exclude
2. Ignore people who make you feel bad
3. Seek out people
4. Spend time observing people who may feel bad
5. Ask new people to do new things
6. Hang out with trusted adults
7. Ask Coach for advice
8. Remember that your friendship is a gift
9. Remember to smile and not worry
Extra credit: if someone says, for example, “you like mold, ew, that’s gross,” then say, ” that’s ok, everyone has different tastes.”
11. Hang out with pigeons


The Best Gift Ever

I think I’m an easy person for gifts. I like rye and gin (or rye gin). I like long multi-course dinners with friends. I like donations to causes I support (alleviating poverty and hunger, fighting for equal human and civil rights). I like tickets to lectures and opera and musicals.

I didn’t know that the best gift ever for me was a waterproof clock with suction cups. My wife knew.

waterproof blue clock with suction cups

She gave me a gift (this clock) saying it was anxiety relief. Weekday mornings are always a rush. I keep a close eye on the time from waking up until leaving out the front door (and in between make breakfast for our kid, pack a lunch for her, help get her ready to go). When I get in the shower to get ready to go, I take off my glasses, and then myopia interferes with my ability to see a nearby clock. I lose track of time, I get stressed out, and then I’m cranky.

Now this little blue clock hangs in the shower where I can easily look closely to keep track of time. Thank you, Moya!

little blue clock in our shower

Like flies to honey

Yesterday we went to Muse√© Mecanique with friends (best arcade ever – my shoulder hurts today after enthusiastic competitive air hockey). We headed up to Maritime park after gaming and lunch. My daughter had been complaining that she just wanted to go home and then she saw the beach. She pushed up her pant legs. She breathlessly asked, “Can we stay here for a few minutes or an hour?!?” Then they ran in and out of the water with joy until they were mostly drenched and sporting huge grins.

Lucy and Sarah at Aquatic Park

Lucy and Sarah

While these elderly ladies, and what looks like all of their belongings,  napped and chatted, sometimes leaning against the wall, evoking a beach version of Grey Gardens.

elderly ladies on the beach with shopping carts full of stuff

Aquatic Park

Needs Internet

Organization of apps on my 9 year old daughter’s iPod Touch (she filed Gmail under “Chat” and the “Needs Internet” folder has 8 games that require wifi):


She filed everything she doesn’t use in folders named “Helpful.” Optimist.